dimanche 26 août 2012

dimanche 19 août 2012

Oh, it's a Jev in watercolors.

Doesn't she look friendly?
Jev North - a commission for an Eve character. I drew her once before, uhm, some time ago.

samedi 18 août 2012

Corto Maltese

While many other characters in Hugo Pratt's works are fascinating to me, the two that I like the most are Corto himself, and the Voodoo priestess Gold Mouth. Hugo Pratt is one of the people whom I think really shouldn't be dead.

dimanche 5 août 2012

La tourine!

Being in holiday is fantastic: it gives one more time to draw! I spent one week in the Tourine, which is officially the most awesome place ever. I got to spend time with some great people I'd barely met before, and I'm grateful for that.

<- That's Alice, who is without doubt a cat. She didn't let me come closer than 5 meters from her during the whole stay. I am still struggling with a deep feeling of rejection. Sniff.

I have a definitive crush for the Loire area. The blue slate roofs, the white walls made of tuffeau. There's a timeless feel to each village there.

.. And here's Lili, the cutest kitten ever - and very much aware of that fact.

Thanks again to my uncles for their welcome, and to my little cousins for being awesome!