dimanche 28 août 2011

Watercolour addict

Amongst other oddities, one or our cats has become addicted to the taste of watercolor cubes. If I don't watch out and leave the desk for 5 minutes, she'll be licking the paint off my metallic painting kit, or drinking the dirty paint water, or even - my favorite- licking the wet paint off the drawing I'm working on. Considering that she is still alive despite the quantities of the stuff that she has ingested by now, I'm guessing it's not too toxic.

samedi 27 août 2011


 Texel is mostly like any part of the Netherlands in that it's very, very flat, well organized, clean, and as far as we could see, quite moist.  But there were seals in the sea - just like at Molène- and the beach was covered with little pieces of black flint, which made the coast particularly beautiful. (In case you're wondering, it's a starfish the seagull is eating... and yes, it swallowed it whole. Glup.

I didn't like the first town we visited, De Koog, too much. It felt like a tourist trap and it was full of German people.  But the second, Den Burg (such an original name) was very cute. Inhabitants were selling local vegetables by setting them in small trays outside their door, indicating the price; if you wanted one, you would need to toss the indicated price in the mailbox, but no- one seemed to be checking.

There was this great restaurant, but I forgot the name- and then that tea. Anyone know where to get nettle tea in Holland? I'd never had any before and I loved it.